Vine meets College and High School Sports Clips (2016-2017)

Gipper, the brainchild of a father-son team in Santa Monica, CA, is an app built to help students and schools view and promote their team's best sports clips. The duo expressed a desire to both build a minimum viable product in order to fundraise and create the business, and simultaneously learn the product design and development process in the context of a modern app startup.

More Voltage designed and developed scalable technology to instantly load and play hundreds of videos, even over a limited 2G network. The team created a full business model and fundraising scheme while simultaneously developing both a fully tested and fully functional iOS prototype. The resulting product, Gipper, released to the iOS app store and the company (Gipper Media) received a seed round of financing based off that prototype.

Gipper still exists today, providing schools and universities custom content for marketing channels.

Click here to view the logo design experimentation. Click here to view the design process for Gipper (COMING SOON!)

NumPad: Your Number Keyboard

NumPad: Your Number Keyboard

A keyboard iPhone users have prayed for (2019-current)

While working on nonprofit products, the need to quickly enter numbers into an online form became excruciating. The problem was simple: web developers overwhelmingly didn't (and still don't) use a simple mobile-specific call for smartphones to use the built-in numberpad keyboard. While Google provides access to the numpad, Apple does not on iOS. So, we built an app.

NumPad: Your Number Keyboard (click to download) is the #1 numpad keyboard on the Apple App Store and has retained that spot for over three years. Additional features include math keys, reversible number keys, full color selection, and localization for all Apple-supported languages. With over 71,000 downloads, NumPad is the most popular numberpad keyboard available!

Click here to see the full development process for NumPad: Your Number Keyboard (COMING SOON!)

MobileCause Point of Donation

The First iOS Donations App, First Point-of-Donations Service (2015-2016)

MobileCause, which specializes in nonprofit donations through texting, wanted to build a donations app for smartphones. I was tasked with the design and development of the iOS and Android applications. At the time, there was no iOS app that supported donations to nonprofits; Apple had maintained strict guidelines prohibiting accepting donations, so no one had attempted it (or been successful in doing so).

I designed the app for customers (nonprofits) to accept donations using a credit card reader to receive donations from anywhere. Both versions of the app were customized to match current-day standards for iOS and Android. While Apple had originally denied access to the app store, I was able to convince the App Store Review team to allow the product per their own guidelines, and MobileCause became the first nonprofit donations app on the app store.

The nature of the MobileCause mobile app is as a Point-of-Sale; in the design process, I coined the term "Point-of-Donation", which the company used and maintained for marketing purposes.

In the first year of use, MobileCause raised $1.3M for its customers through the mobile app. Click here to learn about the design and development process of the app.

More Voltage Clients

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The N Crowd

The N Crowd

Bring a 90's website into the current age (2017)

The comedians from The N Crowd -- a comedy club in Philadelphia - had enough of the old-fashioned website that was originally build back in '94. It was time for something new, and something that helped increase sales and the needs of the club. This meant fun yet customizable.

Step one was to upgrade the HTML-only website to a user-friendly CMS. With my web development partner Explore Digital, I customized a Wordpress website to account for easy adjustment so the comedy troupe could easily update and make changes to the site as they saw fit, for new shows and events.

Vinny G (Slack Pizza Ordering)

Order Dominos right from your corporate Slack channel (2017)

As Slack became more and more popular, client Velocity Growth began experimenting with additional functions for the chat app. Using the Dominos API, More Voltage worked with Velocity Growth to create a chat-based ordering app built entirely in Slack.

More Voltage collaborated with internal engineers to disseminate the API and architect the structure of the product. First a script was written based on the available menu, then a list of shortcuts and ordering options to ensure that users could order accurately and in a way that was more convenient than placing the order directly. Finally a setup process was designed to capture payment details, create favorite orders, and a troubleshoot script was written for any error handling.

See the full design process on Vinny G here (COMING SOON!)